2014 Brides and Grooms

Well, I’ve managed to put together a compilation of my favourite romantic wedding photographs from my 2014 season. You know, after all the wedding details have been packed up and the DJ’s music travels onwards into space and the taste of the wedding cake is forgotten, what you have left is those two people who knew from the start(or okay, maybe not from the very start) that they were looking at the person they’d love and devote themselves to for the rest of their life. These photos are the first beautiful moments of a new and very exciting adventure and it’s written on each of their faces, it’s sealed in each smile and delivered in each kiss(hello, that was kind some kind of poetry right there!). I’m just so inspired by these relationships, the stories and the commitments each couple make to each other. Joy, love, excitement, anticipation, comfort, safety and dreams…that’s what I am there for on a wedding day- to not only document the story of a beautiful day unfolded but to also take those feelings felt by all in attendance and make them a tangible,  visible art and memory.  Have I mentioned recently that I love my job?

Sorry, there are so many to look through! I hope you’re inspired today!

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