2014 Ceremony Photographs

With something so traditional as the wedding ceremony, it’s amazing how different each wedding I photograph is. Each completely has similar emotions and steps to complete and yet none of them ever look the same- they’re each embellished by the couples own story and take on what marriage is to them. I love that the ceremony is the most structured portion of a wedding day and yet it’s probably the least controlled when it comes to what can happen during it. The best man forgets the ring(nope just kidding, he’s got it!), babies start crying, the bride starts laughing because she’s so nervous and can’t get out her vows, the groom who everyone thought was tough as a rock has tears rolling down his cheek as his love steps with confidence down the aisle towards him. I think during the ceremony, its a break from worrying about every detail going perfectly and it’s a time when everyone comes back to why this whole party was happening in the first place; ┬áLove, commitment, unity and family. I love listening to each sermon and hearing the vows and taking to heart the words for my own marriage. The following are only a few of my favourite moments from last year- Enjoy!

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