Pre-Ceremony Wedding Photographs

From such a small part of the wedding day, I find there are some really special stories to be remembered and it’s usually the first of a few times where I’m secretly wiping a rogue tear away from my eye…The first time the father of the bride sees his daughter all set to head off to the church, ┬ásisters hugging for the last time bearing the same last names, mom adjusting her daughter’s veil as she remembers the emotions she felt as a soon to be wife years earlier…oh, it gets me good!

Having me photograph the first little bit before heading off to the ceremony is a really great idea. It doesn’t need to be long, I like arriving just before hair and makeup is finishing up but I find the photographs from this portion of the day to be some of my favourites. The light is often just right and the emotions are ripe for the capturing. There’s a wonderful expectancy mixed with relaxation and excitement- every gathering is different!

Enjoy my favourites from 2014…

Big thank you to Jenessa and Amanda for spending time with the gents while I photograph the ladies!

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