My 2014 Favourites

It’s a dreary day out today (incase you haven’t seen) and the chill of the Winter season is rightly upon us. I’m warmed by the mug of hot chocolate in my hand(a seasonal staple in my life) and the sounds of my little Evelyn cooing away at her bottle.  The best kind of warmth in the winter is snuggling and the best kind of snuggling is always done with those you love.  The best kind of warmth in the spring and summer is that soft touch from the breeze in the air and sun on your shoulders and maybe the love of your life holding your hand on a much needed date night.

The photos I’m sharing today are the warm photos of my Spring and Summer- you can just feel that sunshine joyfully parading around my subjects echoing the sentiment that their hearts carry for each other. This year has gone so fast and I find it crazy that these fine couples featured today are all now hitched!

I love every season, no doubt. But there’s something always so rosy and soft about a spring and summer engagement session that winter and fall don’t quite match up to(however, winter and fall have their own excellent recommendations for a fine photo!).

I hope these samples from earlier this year bring a little warmth to your day! I’ll be back soon with the Fall engagement sessions soon :)


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