Amanda + Dave

Ah! Dave and Amanda’s wedding was filled with so many special moments. The love of the couple is always present (and Amanda and Dave are particularly adorable!) but in addition to the obvious reasons for the celebration there was also the love of family present too. I think my utmost favourite thing about the entire day was the way Amanda’s dad walked her down the aisle. His gaze did not leave his daughter for a moment- as if he needed to savour each last step before his eldest daughter became a wife to the wonderful man waiting at the end. Dave and Amanda both had such special bonds with their families and it was amazing to see the celebration of not just marriage but also the celebration of God’s many blessings in their lives- I so enjoyed watching all of it!

Dave and Amanda were married in Waterloo- an awesome change of scenery for myself. The Conestoga Golf club was a beautiful venue and I loved visiting the well known West Montrose( kissing bridge) too!


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